Josh Ledford, web developer

Josh Ledford
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  • Loves German Shepherds
  • Can play the Saxophone
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"The technology of the web is moving at lightning speed; I enjoy the challenge of keeping up"

As a web developer, Josh's work is guided by the belief that websites should operate as fast and efficiently as possible. Josh bridges the gap between creative design and technical architecture. His code makes designs spring to life and turns programmed functions into user-centered interactions. Staying ahead of the curve in the fast-changing field of web development, Josh's persistent curiosity and flexibility has proven a tremendous asset to countless interactive initiatives.

Formally trained in computer science, Josh's uncanny aptitude for computers started with the Apple II and sprang from his fascination with "how things work." Much to his family's chagrin, Josh's prodigious engineering ability demonstrated itself when, at the tender age of eleven, Josh dissected and rebuilt the family lawnmower.

Josh learned the ropes at Red Clay as an intern before his work earned him a seat on the bench in 2010. Away from his desk, Josh is all about lake life, and spends as much time outdoors as possible.