The traditional definition of a brand is the "identity" of a company's business. However, in today's marketplace it is more than just an identity, it has to be an experience.

As technology has advanced over recent years, it is absolutely necessary to consider brand development as a major part of any interactive marketing effort. Being consistent across business cards, pamphlets, newspaper and radio isn't easy. And, maintaining that same type of effort online can be a lot more difficult.

In order to successfully manage brand development and strategy, you need a strategic plan that protects the integrity of your brand and your message while embracing all the advantages that the interactive spectrum can offer.

Red Clay Interactive specializes in helping our clients move brands online while providing the flexibility for them to truly expand into their new interactive space. In this new space, all brand development efforts must consider not only a consistent website presence, but all interactive channels from social media to media buying.

Our team will take the time to understand your business, industry and competitors in order to provide a set of solutions that work for you. It's not just about developing a nice website, but about developing your overall brand so users can experience who and what you stand for through every interaction they have with your organization.

In the end, your company's brand presentation across channels is just as important as the appearance of your physical location. They all portray an impression that can invite new customers, extend existing relationships or turn them all away. Partnering with Red Clay Interactive results in a truly strategic brand development plan and a brand presence that can be second to none.

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