Emerging Technology

Our clients demand that we stay at the cutting edge of emerging technology. From web enabled TV apps to development for the iPad, Playbook and other tablet devices, new opportunities come our way every day.

There is a struggle inside of each of us. Our inner nerds want to explore the unexplored and push the envelope while the marketer inside us wants to engage users and build brands. Sorting through the options, understanding how the new technology works and how it can be used by marketers is one of the most exciting parts of our job.

In this the age of technology, we can no longer wait and see how others use something new. The pace is too quick to build on the success of anotherís campaign. By the time the first case studies have been published many great opportunities have been lost. It critical to stay on top of emerging technology in order to capitalize on the first mover advantage. Although the territory is always changing it is a journey we have taken many times.

Calculated risks, creativity, and adaptability are the necessary equipment, experience is our compass, and we will plot the course as we go. Since 2000, Red Clay has been blazing the trail to success in the digital space with our clients, our partners on the journey.

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