Information Architecture

Whether you're seeking better information flow for a website, intranet, or any other shared content system, Red Clay Interactive will be able to optimize your content with information design practices.

Flawless information architecture is imperative when it comes to organizing content into a functional structure that people are able to intuitively navigate. Without proper information design, organizations run the risk of creating content that no one is actually able to easily find. This applies to websites, intranets and online communities. This method of organizing and labeling bring the principals of design and architecture to the digital landscape enabling better structured designs and shared online environments.

Red Clay Interactive's team of information architecture professionals will ensure that your users are able to step logically through your website, intranet, or other shared content system confidently, allowing them to simply and effectively get closer to the information they require.

Don't fall prey to the common problems of bad information design. Make it easy for those who don't know or think in terms of organizational structure to easily navigate your content landscape and find the information they need.

Contact Red Clay Interactive's team of information designers today to see how we can use your business objectives, content, and user requirements to create better information flow for your needs. Red Clay will work with you every step of the way to make the process easy, headache-free and successful for your organization.

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