Pay Per Click

Having Red Clay provide your PPC Management means experienced hands maximizing the potential of this online advertising opportunity.

Pay Per Click advertising provides an incredible opportunity to make an immediate impact on search engine results pages, support a special offer or campaign or to augment ongoing search engine optimization efforts. In any situation, Red Clay's experienced interactive marketing staff understands the challenges and potential Pay Per Click advertising management can provide for your business.

Managing Pay Per Click campaigns require a balance of keyword research, copy writing and account management. And that's just to get the ads off the ground. A good campaign is monitored often to ensure the money being spent has the best possible opportunity to return with new business. This constant monitoring, along with the insight and flexibility to make changes on the fly, is why having an experienced PPC management partner like Red Clay can make the difference in the success or failure of a Pay Per Click advertising campaign.

At Red Clay, we provide clients with a full service approach to marketing. Every recommendation we make takes a client's overall goals into account. Our PPC Management Service has proven to be a valuable tool for driving traffic and increasing conversions for many sites.

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