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Why Choose Red Clay Interactive for Atlanta Search Engine Optimization or Promotion?

Getting your site ranked in major search engines is a claim that many Atlanta web designers promise their clients. The end results of your search engine optimization however, can vary drastically depending on the methods used and knowledge of the person handling your Internet marketing.

At Red Clay Interactive we understand that no two search engine optimization campaigns are the same and that there's no magic 'fairy dust' that can make your site jump to the top of Google's rankings. Our approach to getting your site ranked (and keeping it there) depends on your current website design, budget, keyword competition, number of keywords for which you would like to be ranked and a host of other factors. If someone promises that for .95/month they can get you 'listed in all the major search engines' you'd be better off buying a pizza and renting a movie. :)

Search Engine Optimization - Best Practices

A few years ago search engine promotion or marketing wasn't all that sophisticated: and to get better ranking you could "trick" or "spam" search engines with unrelated keywords or 'doorway pages'. Today, however, all of the major search engines are quite advanced. Some less skilled website designers will still talk about creating "special pages" for "specific keywords", but at Red Clay Interactive we take a 'Best Practices' approach to your SEO campaign.

"Best Practices", like in any other industry, means that we play by the rules. We follow the submission guidelines of search engines; we don't use techniques that can potentially have negative (if not fatal) consequences for our clients. Through careful research of your industry, competition, website design and web marketing plan, we develop a search engine optimization campaign that will work.

At Red Clay we pride ourselves in making our clients a success. If you'd like to talk to a resident search engine marketing expert, take a few minutes and complete our online Needs Assessment. We'd love to talk to you.

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