User Testing

Red Clay Interactive will help you understand how your site performs through other people's eyes by conducting in depth web usability testing.

Having another set of eyes is invaluable when it comes to ensuring your website is not only functioning correctly, but is also pleasing to your target audience. It's important to find out what first time users think of your website. Do they enjoy the functionality and the way the website flows? Are they able to find what they’re looking for without getting frustrated? These are the kinds of questions web user testing can help answer.

Web usability testing is an essential element of a successful web development project. It's a true test of how real people use a website — your website — and the insights gained through user testing can help ensure that the project is successful from launch forward. Red Clay Interactive’s expert facilitators, observers, and website development teams will get together a group of individuals who will use your site under gentle guidance from the facilitator.

Some of the best times for web user testing are at the website's conception, during the wireframe stage of a project, before planning a redevelopment, when analytical reports show less than optimal performance or when you need to improve conversion rates through the funnel.

Stop guessing and stop wondering what parts of your website are not up to par; ask the questions and get the real answers through web usability testing.

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