Research and Analytics

Analyzing your website before and after your website's launch are important parts of tracking return on investment.

Success online is both creative and very, very analytical. It's the best of both worlds, but you can't have one over the other - they have to work hand-in-hand. Being metric minded is vital to the continued success of any website. By using proven tracking methods, keeping tabs with website analysis will help your business understand the nature of the traffic coming to your site. For example, just some of the things website analysis will help you determine are as follows:

Understanding these analytics helps paint a picture of who your clientele is and helps you, as a business, continuously tailor your message and website in order to keep it optimized and convert quality traffic.

Here at Red Clay Interactive we will research and compile analytics information on a constant basis for you in order to better your Internet marketing success. According to your needs, we can even issue you consistent website analysis reports so you know what is happening with your Internet marketing campaigns on a regular basis.

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