EST. 2000

We’re an interactive agency born just at the right time. A few years earlier and we could have been another ad agency trying to fit TV commercials and print ads into websites. A few years later and we might have become another super hip think tank obsessed with building expensive websites and apps, with no true connection to a bigger marketing strategy. But we weren’t. We cut our teeth learning how to write code while we were learning how to solve marketing problems. We’re thriving today because balancing strategy with technology was the only way we ever knew to create truly interactive experiences.

Brands Who Trust Us
People are like trees or goldfish.

Where you grow them and how you nurture them is everything. And since an agency is really only as good as its people, well, it matters a lot. Our culture is grounded in work-life balance. That means we work hard when we’re together and pick each other up when life outside of work calls. It keeps us half an hour to Atlanta and ten minutes to the Chattahoochee and Lake Lanier. Healthy, inspired people think quickly and have smarter ideas. We've yet to meet a client who could get enough of that.

Our People
Kristen Hayes
Art Director
Brett Compton
VP - Creative Director
Ashley Conrad
Sarah Nelms
Director of Resources - CSM
Scott Atkinson
Executive Vice President / COO
Greg Cruce
Analytics Director
Andy Williams
Group Director
Lance Compton
President / CEO
Donna Smith
Sylvia Fox
Executive Assistant
Yancey Vickers
Technical Director
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What Matters


Our clients’ success is tied to the success of everything we do.


Ideas have the power to make anything we make more effective.


Innovation is the bi-product of always making time to look ahead.


Websites, campaigns, content, employees. Accountability guides all.


If we lose balance of life outside of work, we are less effective when we’re here.


We think about the well-being of our co-workers and clients as if they were family.