One of the trickiest parts of Keyword research is trying to get an idea of what keywords Google associates together based on context to make sure that the keywords you select are relevant to the overall theme you are working to gain authority for.

Our team discovered a sneaky little trick to get a bit of insight on what keywords Google connects in its understanding of language and context as it applies to keywords.

The below screenshot is a google search of the term “Atlanta Web Design”. Notice below that not only are the words “Atlanta”, “web”, and “design” highlighted but also the word “website”. From this we can gather that Google is associating “web design” and “website design”.

Context Keywords

A second example we noticed when doing some research for Cyprus Partners one of our clients who sells land in Alabama.

Notice that a search for “Alabama land for sale” also shows highlighted terms including, “real estate”, “AL”, “property”, and “land sales”.

Context Keywords

Great clues about which concepts Google is connecting together and a great way to key in on other phrases that if targeted could add to the authority of the site overall for the subject. So next time you are working on exploratory research let the SERP itself be a source of inspiration.

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  1. Short but sweet, just how I like it. This will greatly assist us in keyword searches. Thanks for writing this Tim.

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