Donna SmithDonna Smith

Donna has been with Red Clay since 2005, providing web development in a constantly developing web.

She has two associate’s degrees from Lanier Technical College, one in computer information systems and one in web development.

Donna hails from Hall County roots and graduated from Johnson High School.  She finds origins and history fascinating – tracing family roots through genealogical research.  She has even written books about 4 family lines.

Her interest in history doesn’t end generations back in the family, but extends specifically into Elizabethan history.  When Donna isn’t looking towards the future with web development, she’s immersing herself in the distant past – attending the Renaissance Faire in full garb.

Donna volunteered with the Girl Scouts of Northeast Georgia for 12 years.  Cookies over popcorn any day – with all due respect to the Boy Scouts.

Donna is married and has a daughter, Tiffany.