Greg CruceGreg Cruce

Greg helped found Red Clay in 2000 as the technical lead and now acts as Analytics Director.

Greg is one of The Three Marketeers, with Lance Compton and Scott Atkinson, that established and now work as core members of Red Clay Interactive.

As Analytics Director he fills in the center of the venn diagram between marketing, development, and account services. He leads our SEO charge, optimizing the web for our clients one algorithmic step at a time.

Greg also played an invaluable role typically associated with brand planning or copywriting – he named Red Clay Interactive. We think it has a nice a ring to it, but are admittedly a bit biased.

From his work for Red Clay, Greg has been awarded more WebAwards than Spider-Man: Best Manufacturing Site of 2014 for CST Tires, two Outstanding Website awards, and three Standard of Excellence awards.

Despite his technical background (or maybe because of it) Greg has a deep-seated fear of robots.  Except for Bender from Futurama, a kindred spirit in their status as cigar aficionados.

Greg has a wife and son.