Tim ZackTim Zack

During his senior year at UGA, Tim had an Internet marketing internship at Red Clay.  Once he graduated, magna cum laude with a BBA in Marketing, we knew it was time for Intern Tim to become Full-Time-with-Benefits Tim.

Seven years later he acts as our Interactive Marketing Director, leading strategy and teams.

His work on brands like SouthernLINK Wireless, South State Bank, Georgia Chamber of Commerce, Maxxis Tires, and Merial has resulted in enough accolades to buckle even the sturdiest trophy case.  WebAwards and Communicator Awards seem to have Tim Zack’s name as a preset.

Outside the office, Tim volunteers his time with the Knights of Columbus – who, rest assured, are VERY different than the Knights of Game of Thrones.  He loves the outdoors (occasionally sporting a lumberjack-humbling beard to prove it) and enjoys spending time hiking and camping with his wife, Amy, and their son, Matthan.

Tim is of the mindset that things in life should be thoughtfully crafted.  He believes in feeling personally connected and gladly goes through the extra effort to do so. A prime example: Tim and his wife mill their own flour.  Tim assures us it’s not too difficult, but we have our doubts. He also smokes a mean pastrami.